As winter sets in, the days get longer and you are buried in thick sweaters, scarves and gloves to ward off the cold. Amidst all of it, we forget that our body needs special care and attention during the long and dry winter months. In fact, it is extremely necessary for the skin and hair to be properly armed so that it could effectively combat the winter season and its harmful effects.

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In such weather, castor oil is the best bet, as it has magical moisturizing and keeps the skin and hair in good condition. Known for its cosmetic properties, castor oil has been used for many centuries for various purposes. Whether it is skin care or hair conditioning, castor oil is an effective tool for keeping the skin and hair healthy. If one is looking for shiny hair in mint condition or a healthy, glowing skin, castor oil is the perfect solution.

Due to its cosmetic properties, the castor plant, also known as Palma Christe, has since its discovery been quickly adopted by various countries such as Africa, Rome, Greece and America, and has ever since been used in making cosmetics. Castor oil is extracted from the roasted seeds of the castor plant, also known as Ricinus Communis, found in tropical areas.

Castor Oil skincare, especcialy in winter season

The skin becomes extremely sensitive during winters, and may have outbreaks or itching and soreness. Sometimes, the sudden change in temperature experienced by the skin when we move outside in the cold may give us a rash. Jamaican Black Castor oil is known to be very beneficial in such occasions and may act as a shield from the sun or cold winds. As it contains Omega-9 fatty acids, it helps soothe the skin and prevents cracks or dryness.

Castor Oil Haircare

Of the several castor oil uses, a primary one is its use for hair care. This natural oil is effective in treating several hair and scalp problems, such as dandruff, dry scalp and split ends. For treating dandruff and dry scalp, castor oil should be applied directly to the scalp and must be left overnight. Using castor oil on your hair regularly promotes hair condition. While it nourishes and moisturizes the scalp completely, it also prevents frizzy hair, thereby preventing split ends. Castor oil should be directly massaged onto the roots and hair scalp evenly.

To deep condition your hair, you can leave it overnight, else allowing it to penetrate into the scalp for 2-3 hours is also effective. As castor oil is very thick, we have mixed castor with coconut oil to make its consistency a little lighter. This can also serve as a great remedy for hair breakage issues. There are several castor oil uses, though it has been primarily used for hair care over the centuries. If you have been facing hair problems and are looking for an effective remedy, castor oil could just be your magic pill or oil, for that matter.

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