Organic castor oil farm

Castor oil is a natural product that can help keep your hair nourished and prevent against damage. But have you ever thought about how your castor oil is made?

At, we stock a range of organic castor oil products that looks after both the environment and your body. So if you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of buying organic, here’s a rundown of our top eco-friendly castor oil brands.

Castor oil from roasted organic castor beans

Shea Moisture

If you want to buy castor oil from a cosmetics company renowned for its eco-friendly values and social commitment, consider Shea Moisture. This Fairtrade company uses only ethically sourced ingredients and organic castor beans, limiting the use of pesticides and preventing harm to the environment. What’s more, your purchase ensures the farmers are paid a fair wage for their labour.

If you’re looking for a totally natural product, this company also aims to keep their castor oil free of sulphates, parabens and other chemicals and preservatives, which for some people can be allergens and even dry out the skin. And instead of testing their products on animals, this company prides itself on trying out their products on four generations of the Shea Moisture family!

Tropic isle living coconut oil with castor oil

Tropic Isle Living

The first step to producing Tropic Isle Living’s organic Jamaican black castor oil is to pick the wild-growing castor beans by hand. Because this old-fashioned approach doesn’t involve intensive farming, the ecosystem and natural habitats of the land can be preserved. The pods are left to dry naturally in the sun to produce the seeds before they are roasted, ground and boiled over a wood fire to harvest the oil. Thanks to this traditional method, the skills and industry of the local people and area can be maintained.

Tropic Isle Living’s castor oil is also made from 100% natural products wherever possible, and they never contract out their production to other manufacturers. That’s why Tropic Isle Living can ensure their castor oil is cruelty-free by not testing on animals or using any animal products.

Sunny Isle

Castor beans are native to Africa but have been grown in Jamaica since the slave trade. Today, Sunny Isle is one of the biggest exporters of this natural beauty product. The company still produces its organic Jamaican black castor oil the old-fashioned way, using local farmers to grow, harvest and process the beans. This means your purchase supports a farmer and their family. Sunny Isle’s organically grown beans are roasted before being manually ground and boiled to release their signature dark brown castor oil. It’s the higher ash content acquired through the longer roasting process that some believe give Sunny Isle castor oil its thickening qualities.

Organic cold pressed castor oil


Dutch natural cosmetic company Chi is all about purity and honesty. Unlike black castor oil, Chi’s organic cold pressed castor oil has a lighter shade because it doesn’t contain by-products such as ash from roasting. For those who like their refined castor oil with a conscience, Chi is also a certified organic company and a member of SKAL. This organisation closely monitors the origin and processing of biological products to ensure the highest quality.

Since respecting nature is central to Chi’s ethos, this brand does not test on animals and it even donates at least 3% of its yearly profits to the World Wildlife Fund. What’s more, all Chi products are completely free from micro-plastics to preserve the ecosystem of rivers and oceans.


Pukka cold pressed castor oil in a bottleAnother brand that distils its castor oil products from cold pressing is Pukka Herbs. This eco-friendly company is 100% organic and certified by The Soil Association. Because of its organic status, Pukka does not use GMOs; therefore, no environmentally harmful pesticides and fertilisers go into making their organic cold pressed castor oil.

As part of their commitment to the environment, Pukka offset their carbon emissions through a forest conservation project in India (AERF) and have signed up to the 1% for the Planet initiative, channelling 1% of profits each year into sustainability. What’s more, Pukka’s castor oil products are 100% vegetarian and vegan, and nothing from their raw ingredients to their finished products is tested on animals.

Look after the planet and your body

Buying organic castor oil has a range of benefits for the environment. For starters, you can be assured that organic certified castor oil has not been made using substances that could harm the soil and the natural ecosystem. It also helps support farmers and traditional production processes across the world.

But organic castor oil also has advantages for your body. If your product is labelled organic, it’s a sign it contains fewer additional chemicals, which means your hair and skin will benefit fully from the hydrating qualities of castor oil. If you’re interested in seeing the difference for yourself, why not pop a bottle in your basket today?