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    Castor Oil for Hair: Castor Shampoo (8oz / 236ml)

    Castor Shampoo with Castor Oil. The company Tropic Isle Living has formulated a shampoo combining shea butter, jojoba oil and castor oil; all of which are known for their superb hair care properties. A natural shampoo, it is quite healthy for the scalp and for hair. It does not contain any kind of chemicals, such as sulphates, parabens or any other ingredient that might prove to be harmful to the scalp. It also has a bit of aloe vera, along with some Jamaica pepper.

    While shea butter helps in restoring the elasticity of the skin and moisturizing it effectively; jojoba oil works as a moisturizer for hair too, and is also used as an ingredient for making lip oil, body lotion and a face moisturizer.

    On the other hand, castor oil is proven to be extremely effective for various hair troubles such as thinning hair, breakage, dry scalp, spilt ends and dandruff. As these three ingredients are blended together in Tropic Isle Living’s castor shampoo, they bring to you their combined benefits to give shiny, lustrous and healthy hair.

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    Castor Shampoo Tropicle Isle Living  ★★★★★ Castor olie Traditioneel gemaakt uit Jamaica.

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    Details Castor Oil for Hair: Castor Shampoo (8oz / 236ml)

    This hair cleansing and nourishing solution moisturizes the hair, and provides it with the necessary shine and lustre.

    The Ingredients - JBCO

    Jojoba Oil - This is produced, as the name suggests, from jojoba seeds and is stored as liquid wax. The jojoba seed grows in parts of south Arizona, North West Mexico and also South California. Once the oil is refined, there is no colour or odour in the produce. This oil is used as a substitute for whale oil and is popularly used in cosmetic products the world over.

    Shea Butter - This is extracted as fat from the nut, which grows on the African shea tree. This butter is used in making cosmetics due to its characteristics of being a good moisturizer and a lotion.

    Castor Oil – Cold-pressed from the castor bean, this oil is one of the most extensively used oils in the cosmetic industry today. Over the centuries more and more countries have adopted it for its medicinal value.

    SKU JBCO-203
    Product Volume 236 ml / 8 oz
    Brand Tropic Isle Living

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