With the growing corrosion of skin and very little time on hand to give much attention to details, it would not be an exaggeration if someone were to suddenly announce that “clear skin” is the want of the century. Who does not want that perfectly radiant, blemish-less, well-toned skin? No prizes for guessing; we all want it. Our cut-throat commercial world has had us convinced that the perfect way to attain this utopia is to rid ourselves of all oil and go on treating our skin to endless amount of chemical ridden “oil-control” formulas. However, how true is this picture they have painted for us? Not so true, as we’ll find out.

Oil Cleansing Method


As it is, we are well-aware that all these endless cosmetic products do little to solve our blemish dilemmas. In fact, they are often the reason why we fall into a vicious cycle. Our skin, once stripped of all oil, is wanting for it. The skin takes on this glorious mission to replace the lost oil, which leads to increased oil production and unclean skin. The Oil Cleansing Method is then, let’s say, an oasis in a desert. With its key ingredient as castor oil, the dream of clear skin has been made a lot more realistic with this sensible substitute of chemical compounds. The idea behind the oil cleansing method being deep cleaning as well as moisturizing.


The OCM is most effective when employed in the evening, preferably before going to bed. This avoids a cumbersome cleansing process in the morning and does not let the skin worsen during the night. All one needs is a quick wipe with a washcloth dipped in warm water in the morning to give a proper conclusion to the cleansing process.

What You Need: Soft washcloth, oil blend (with castor oil as the fixed ingredient), and hot, running water. With a generous amount of oil blend in the hand, rub it and massage with it over your face in easy, smooth strokes. This removes the dirt and impurities, and saves your skin from being inflicted by harsh chemicals contained in packs and face washes.

After a considerable amount of relaxing time spent in the massaging process, you are now ready to clean it off using the washcloth soaked in steaming water. However, instead of wiping it straight off, you should hold the cloth over your face for a while so as to open up the pores and remove the impurities. Repeat this process a couple of times and gently wipe off without scrubbing. Feel the difference immediately after you are done with the entire process of OCM. The skin will not only feel soft and smooth, but also look positively radiant!


Oil blend is the most essential part of the cleansing method. While the blends are subjective to different people, some general guidelines to follow are these:

Oily Skin: 70 % Sunflower Oil and 30 % Castor Oil mixed together.
Balanced Skin: 20 % Castor Oil mixed with 80 % Sunflower Oil.
Dry Skin: 10 % Castor Oil and 90 % Sunflower Oil

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