Bodybutter with Castor Oil And Khus Khus - 118ml

Bodybutter with Castor Oil And Khus Khus - 118ml

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Our Body Butter with Castor Oil and Khus Khus is especially useful during the winter months in cold climates as it can protect the skin from wind and sun. In warm climates, the butter can help you when you spent too much time in the sun. Our product can also remedy rough and dry skin and keep it in overall healthy condition. Castor Oil Body Butter is also a completely natural alternative to toxic chemical products. You’ll feel the moisturizing, fragrant benefits of this product as soon as it’s applied it will melt right into your skin!

Cultivated from poppy seeds, Khus Khus oil is used as a spice in Indian cooking but is also widely known as a beauty remedy. Khus Khus gives the skin a clear, blemish-free transparency while castor oil moisturizes the skin and can be applied on wrinkles and sensitive skin. The body needs moisture in order to rejuvenate cells and treat maladies in the skin and our product supports this by supplying the skin with vitamins and natural oils that it needs to stay healthy.

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Castor Oil has been used by Jamaicans for centuries to moisturize the hair and skin, and help prevent hair loss. It is also widely used as a massage oil since it absorbs easily to the skin and gives it a lovely, glowing shine. When combined with the fragrant and beneficial Khus Khus, these two natural and organic products help to moisturize the skin, prevent dryness, treat cracked skin and give the skin a lovely and fragrant scent.

Khus Khus is widely recognized for its pleasant smell and relaxing properties, but when used with Castor Oil, it moisturizes the skin so you can carry the delicious fragrance with you throughout the day. Studies have shown that Khus Khus contributes to healthy, radiant and glowing skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and lovely.


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